Here are some popular Forex slangs:
What is Greenback (USD)
Greenback is the Forex slang for the U.S. Dollar.
What is Kiwi (NZD)
Kiwi is the Forex slang for New Zealand Dollar.
What is Old Lady (BOE)
Old Lady is a Forex slang name which corresponds to the Bank of England (BOE). Visit Bank of England
What is Aussie (AUD)
Aussie is a slang name that is used for the Australian dollar.
What is Cable (GBP/USD)
Cable is a Forex slang used for the British Pound against US Dollar (GBP/USD currency pair).
What is Swissy (CHF)
Swissy is the Forex slang name for Swiss Franc.

What is a Yard
It’s the Forex slung for a billion US Dollars.
What are Eurodollars
US dollars which are deposited in a bank outside the US.
What is Sterling (GBP)
Sterling in Forex corresponds to the British Pound (GBP).
What is Figure
Figure is the Forex slang which indicates 100 points of the exchange rate movement.
What is Flat Price
Flat means a price that isn’t moving either upwards or downwards.

What are Forex Slangs

Forex Signals

Forex signals are trading suggestions to buy or to sale a Forex currency pair at specific price and time. A Forex signal can be produced manually or using sophisticated forecasting systems. Forex signals as trading orders may be executed manually or automatically using Expert Advisors (Forex robot).


How Forex Signals are Delivered to Traders?

Forex Signals may be delivered free or as a part of a paid subscription service. As concerns the delivery methods, here are the most popular methods:

1) through registration to a signaling web-site

2) via email

3) via SMS

4) via twitter

5) via an automated system which is called a Forex robot (or Expert Advisor)


What Information is Incorporated to a Forex Signal?

The key information of a Forex signal include 1) a target or take-profit price, and 2) a stop loss price. So let’s see a simple example of a Forex signal:

Let’s suppose the signal is about EUR/USD which is actually traded at 1.2000 and the signal provider forecasts an upcoming Euro appreciation:

Take Profit (Target Price): 1.2042

Stop-Loss: 1.1980