A Forex Currency in General

Currencies (like USD or EUR) in the Forex Market are traded in pairs and that means you trade one currency against for another. Therefore, Forex currencies are always quoted in terms of their price against another currency (ie USD/EUR).


Base / Quote Currency

The first currency in a quote is called the base currency and the second is called the quote currency or the counter. That means that in EUR/USD, the EUR is the base and the USD is the quote.

The Major Forex pairs are:

1) EUR/USD, 2) GBP/USD, 3) USD/JPY, 4) AUD/USD, 5) USD/CAD and 6) USD/CHF







What are Currency Symbols?

Currency Symbols are indicating particular currencies, for example EUR for Euro or AUD for Australian Dollar.

What is Currency Conversion?

In the Forex market, a currency exchange is simply the exchange of one currency for another.

What is Currency Option?

Currency options are contracts to buy or sell one currency for another at an agreed quote and within a predefined period of time.

What is Currency Rate

A currency rate is the price rate of a particular currency against another particular currency.

What is a Currency Forecast

It is the prediction of a future currency movement.


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What is a Forex Currency Pair

Forex-Related International Organizations

Forex is a huge market and many government and non-government organizations are involved. These organizations include Central Banks, Regulators etc. Here are some important organizations from all fields:

What is the European Union (eu) » Visit the European Union
It is the group formerly known as the European Community (EC).
What is G5
G5 is the Group of the five leading world industrial countries: US, Germany, Japan, UK and France.
What is G7
G7 is the G5 group plus Italy and Canada.
What is G10
G10 is the G7 group plus Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands.
What is New York OTC
New York “Over the Counter” market.
What is ZEW » Visit ZEW
ZEW is the Center of European economic research founded in 1990 and located in Hamburg.
What is ERM
ERM is the Exchange Rate Mechanism.


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Forex Related International Organizations