What is Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis aims to validate the effect of various fundamental and macroeconomic developments to on currency trading. Fundamentals include macroeconomic factors such is inflation, interest rates, unemployment, GDP etc.

These are some important Fundamental Indicators..

What is GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

GDP measures the change of the national income in an economy. GDP incorporates the values of all products and services that were produced during a particular period (usually 3-month or 1-year).

What is GNP (Gross National Product)

GNP includes GDP plus income gained from investment and overseas work.

What is Inflation

Inflation is measuring changes in the level of prices. Inflation is often called as the hidden tax in a economy as it reduces the purchasing power of consumers. High inflation is bad news for the economy, the stock market and the domestic currency rate. Inflation is measured in a monthly basis.

What is Personal Spending Indicator

Personal spending indicator measures the changes of individual spending in an economy. When personal spending is increased high growth and high inflation are the outcome and vice versa.



What is Unemployment (%)

Unemployment is a macro-economic indicator which measures the level of the unemployed population in percentage to the total population who is able to work.


Forex Trading Rebate

Forex Rebates are given to traders as an incentive to open new accounts in a particular Forex Broker. Joining a Forex rebate plan means get cash back cash from trading Forex. A Forex Rebate is actually a program that works as a discount coupon on behalf of Forex Traders.


Types of Forex Rebates

Trading Forex Rebates may be cashed by traders in various forms, for example:

1) Forex Rebates per lot traded

2) Forex Rebates per spread charged

3) Forex Rebates per commission charged

It is easy and profitable to join a Forex Rebate Plan and it is especially important if you trade large volumes. Here are some popular Rebate Plans at Currencies Fx:

1) XEMarkets $8 per lot (paid using PayPal)

2) Dukascopy Rebate 20% (paid automatically)



How A Trading Rebate Works

Here is how a trading Forex rebate works is a few steps:

1) A Trader Choose a Broker → and Joins a Rebate Plan using an Introducing Broker

2) The trader starts to execute trades → he is charged commissions or spread or both

3) The broker pays a portion of this spread or commission → to the Introducing Broker

4) The Introducing Broker pays back a great portion of this award → to the Trader

And that is how Forex cash-back are delivered to traders.

More about IB Rebates at Forex-Rebates.com

Take advantage of every Forex Promotion you can as long as it is free. In most cases traders can benefit from a deposit bonus and by a trading rebate at the same time. The participation in a rebate plan should cost nothing, so if some Introducing Broker demands a fee it is suggested to avoid him and search for another.

As an advice, remember that Online Forex Rebates are important but only as the long as the Forex Brokers that they are offer them are High Regulated and provide Technologically Efficient Trading Platforms.

An alternative promotion that is usually offered by Forex Brokers is a Trading Bonus.

Find what is Forex Bonus


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