LST System Review

LST System Review

Forex System: Learn, Simulate & Trade (Divergence & Statistics-Based System)

Price: $197 / Onetime Fee

Free Gift: 1-month subscription to the VIP Forex Signals Service (gift value $128)

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What is the LST System?

LST means Learn, Simulate and Trade and it is a system designed to trade any market and especially Forex. The Learning System is provided together with an Alert System and a Trading Simulator. The simulator is a trading tool that is based on Divergences & Statistics and it aims to exploit the cyclical behavior of financial markets. It incorporates automated trading functions also. There alert service is delivered via:

◘ MetaTrader4

◘ e-mail

◘ LST Alert offers also Live News Updates.

What is Included in The LST Package?

The system includes several Forex educational and trading tools.

LST Forex System ReviewTrading Tools:

1. The LST Alert System

2. The Divergence Fx Indicator

3. The Candlestick Fx Indicator

4. The Price Tunnel Fx Indicator

5. The Forex LST Template

6. An Execution Script

7. The Forex LST Trading Simulator

Educational Tools:

8. The Strategy Guide

9. Many Video Tutorials

10. Live Webinars

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The LST System Core Mechanism

The LST is a hybrid-statistical Forex system that is designed to trade Divergences and Cyclical Moves that occur frequently in the global Forex market. You may learn and try the system and then move to read trading conditions (using the Simulator). You may trade any market but the system maximizes its performance when it is used in Forex Trading, and especially as concerns the Majors.

Time Frames

The trading strategy that is implemented by the LST System uses multiple intra-day time frames: From 15 minutes to several hours.

The LST Alert System

The LST system contains also a multi-confirmation alert trading system. The Alert is a function that contains three (3) components:

i) The Divergence Indicator – It is a Forex Indicator created to trace divergences on any chart

ii) The Candlestick Indicator – It is an indicator specially designed to identify historic patterns in Japanese Candlesticks.

iii) The Price Tunnel –This third indicator is able to identify reactionary areas within Price Tunnels.

LST Fx System Review

The LST Trading Simulator

The simulator offers two modes:

◘ Training, and after

◘ Trading for Real Money

The LST simulator provides the privilege to trade any market but as it has already be mentioned it is better to be used when trading Forex Majors. Majors offer the chance for maximum liquidity and the lowest-spread market conditions. Traders using the system are enabled to alter anytime the system’s orders (stop-loss order and take-profit).

What Steps must be Taken by new Traders

1) Installing the System (easy and fast procedure and for those using MT4 there is 100% compatibility)

2) Training using the Simulator and understanding how it works

3) Start Trading by commencing with small trade sizes and then move to larger sizes.


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LST System Review