What is an Economic Indicator

An Economic indicator is a micro or macro fundamental indicator which is used to highlight master economic trends.

What is Beige Book

The Beige Book is an economic report published by the US FED 8 times per year. It was formally called “Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions”.

What is Car Sales Indicator

Car sales is an consumer demand indicator measuring the number of cars sold during a particular period.

What is CPI

CPI stands for consumer price index. CPI is the statistical measure of inflation and it is based upon the changes of prices of a specified goods and services.

What is Wholesale Trade Index

Wholesale Trade Index is a macro-economic index which measures changes in wholesale sales.

What is Housing Starts and Permits

It is a macro economic index measures the number of houses under construction plus the number of construction permits.


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Other Types of Indicators

What is a Forex Technical Analysis Indicator

A Forex Indicator It is tool of technical analysis which helps Forex traders to predict future currency movements and indicate oversold/ overbought levels.

What is ADX (Average Directional Index)

ADX is a technical analysis indicator measuring the strength of a trend.

What is CCI (Commodity Channel Index)

CCI is a cyclical technical indicator identifying when a market is overbought / oversold.

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What is an Economic Indicator