What is Forex Scalping in General

Forex Scalping is a trading technique that takes advantage of tiny short-term price changes in currency pairs trading. Forex scalping is based in high capital leverage which may leverage funds up to 1:1000. Scalpers are executing tens or even hundreds of Forex trades on a daily base and usually, they keep their position for less than 1 minute of time.


What are Scalpers

Forex Scalpers are traders who open and close positions in the short-term by taking advantage of tiny upwards movements and actually making a profit by using high leverage. Scalpers target trading profits from 1 to 10 pips. Low spreads and high leverage are absolutely required. Usually, scalpers are after low-spread trading offered by ECN or STP Forex Brokers.

Scalpers are using always Stop-Loss order to limit their loss potential to desirable levels. A successful trader that scalps must have a high winning-to-loose ratio over time.





Forex Brokers Allowing Scalping and Providing a Free VPS Hosting

Scalping is suitable only for Forex Professional Traders and as a practice, it is usually forbidden by Forex brokers in their policy. Here are some Forex Brokers that Allow Scalping and that offer a free VPS Hosting service (VPS means automated trading without your PC turned on):

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What is Forex Scalping

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