The Fibo Machne Pro reviewFibo Machine Review –The Fibo Machine is a Scam or Not?

The Fibo Machine is a trading system that generates alerts based on the popular Fibonacci Ratios and delivers them via email, visually, or on-screen. The indicator shows Stop-Loss, Entry, and 3 Take Profit levels

Forex System Review: Fibo Machine

□ Platform: MetaTrader-4

Markets: Forex Currencies in Multiple TimeFrames

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Fibo Machine Review -The Fibo Machine Pro for MT4

Fibo Machine Pro is a Metatrader-4 indicator that is programmed to recognize entry/exit signals based on smart Fibonacci levels. The trading signals include a wide variety of timeframes but most importantly M15 to H1.

In order to install the indicator, you need basic knowledge of the platform MT4.


How it Works

After you apply the Fibo Machine Pro in any chart, it calculates automatically the main Fibonacci levels and then generates three colorful levels that are displayed visually on chartThese 3 colorful lines represent Entry, Stop-loss, and 3 Take Profit levels.

The 3 Take-Profit Levels Explained

  • Safe Take Profit: This level is more suitable for beginners, it offers the safest and controlled trading approach
  • Medium Take Profit: Natural progression from the safe take profit level
  • Aggressive Take Profit: This is the riskiest approach


Fibo Machine Algorithm

The Fibo Machine system combines algorithms with the Fibonacci ratios to generate specific signal levels. The Fibo Machine Pro indicator is designed to work on M15, M30, H1, and H4.

The System's Alert System

The Fibo Machine Pro includes a customizable alert system:

  • On-screen alert with sound

  • Email Alerts

  • Mobile Push Notification

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Forex Trendy Review –Forex Trendy Scam or Not?

Forex Trendy is a trading scanner that analyzes 34 Forex pairs in 9 different timeframes. The system is designed to spot the strongest trends and to generate trade signals under any market conditions.

Forex System Review: Forex Trendy

Markets: 34 Forex Currencies

Cost: 37 USD (every three months)

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Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is a Forex scanner based on real price action and not on the results of any indicator. The service is available via a member’s area where subscribers gain access to live charts, trade signals, setups, and more.

After you pay $37 and purchase 3-months membership you can log-in the member’s area instantly. Beginners should first read the free Forex Trendy eBook that explains briefly the most important Forex chart patterns. In that way, traders will be assisted to identify key formations including triangles, trendlines. Because of the nature of Foreign Exchange market, Forex currencies are often trending. When you trade Forex using the Forex Trendy it is important to understand the meaning of a true strong trend.

Forex Trendy Member’s Area

If you buy the system’s subscription you gain instant access in the member’s area where you may find the best currency movers among 34 pairs in 9 different timeframes.

The Forex trendy interface is user-friendly by offering audible and email alerts. Traders can quickly overview the strongest trends within all periods.

Forex Trendy Algorithm

Forex Trendy’s algorithm is constantly analyzing the Foreign Exchange market trends and tries to spot the strongest signals in 9 timeframes ranging in periods between 1 minute and 30 days. The system includes chart pattern recognition. The system’s algorithm is purely focusing on real market price action and on the results of any indicator. The developers of Forex Trendy use cloud computing in order to present the current trends instantly. Moreover, the algorithm informs traders when the market conditions are evolving in uncertainty and it would be better to avoid taking any risk.

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MBFX Forex Signals Review

MBFX System Review

Forex System Review: MBFX System Review

Markets: Forex Currencies, Futures, Commodities

Type: Forex Trading Signals (Manual and MT4)

□ Delivery: Visual, Audio, SMS Text, Email Alerts


Basic Info -What is the MBFX System?

MBFX is a Forex Trading System developed by Mr. Belkhayate, originally in 2011. MBFX includes all Forex Currency pairs, plus commodities and futures. The system costs 97 USD.


MBFX System Components

MBFX system package contains the following components:

(1) MBFX Trading Template | (2) MBFX Indicator (RSI & Parabolic SAR) | (3) MBFX Timing Indicator | (4) Brief instructions how to use MBFX


MBFX System Interface

Which Types of Traders may use MBFX System?

According to the MBFX developer, the system may be used by almost all types of traders:

1) Intraday Traders and Forex Scalpers (2-3 signals daily)

2) Swing and Long Forex traders (Adjust Profit / Loss Ratio)

3) Forex Beginners (User-friendly trading interface)

MBFX Signals Delivery

The MBFX System provides signals delivery via many different methods:

(i) Visual and Audio Alerts | (ii) eMail Alerts | (iii) SMS Text Alerts