Here are some popular Forex slangs:
What is Greenback (USD)
Greenback is the Forex slang for the U.S. Dollar.
What is Kiwi (NZD)
Kiwi is the Forex slang for the New Zealand Dollar.
What is Old Lady (BOE)
Old Lady is a Forex slang name that corresponds to the Bank of England (BOE). Visit Bank of England
What is Aussie (AUD)
Aussie is a slang name that is used for the Australian dollar.
What is Cable (GBP/USD)
The cable is a Forex slang used for the British Pound against the US Dollar (GBP/USD currency pair).
What is Swissy (CHF)
Swissy is the Forex slang name for Swiss Franc.

What is a Yard
It’s the Forex slung for a billion US Dollars.
What are Eurodollars
US dollars are deposited in a bank outside the US.
What is Sterling (GBP)
Sterling in Forex corresponds to the British Pound (GBP).
What is Figure
The figure is the Forex slang which indicates 100 points of the exchange rate movement.
What is Flat Price
Flat means a price that isn’t moving either upwards or downwards.

What is a Forex Slang

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