Forex Bonus & Bonus Categories

Forex brokers offer deposit bonuses to traders as an incentive to open a new account. One of the most common types of a Forex Bonus is called a ‘Welcome Bonus’ and it is offered as a free gift for first-time deposits. Another type of bonus is the ‘Loyalty Bonus’ which is offered to existing customers in order to make an additional deposit. Finally, there is also a Forex Bonus which is called ‘No-Deposit Bonus’ and that is offered to not existing clients, just to open a real trading account without even deposit any funds.

Forex Bonuses are offered either as a fixed amount of money or as a fixed percentage of the initial cash deposit, as it is presented in the following table

Table: Forex Bonuses 

Welcome Bonus

Loyalty Bonus

No Deposit Bonus



$5-$50 (all Traders)

Or usually 10-100%

Usually 10%

Sometimes more but not for all traders


Before a trader opens a real trading account and takes advantage of a Forex Bonus he must first read carefully and fully understand terms and conditions. 

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Cash and Credit Deposit Bonuses

There are (i) cash, and (ii) credit bonuses. Wise traders focus exclusively on cash bonuses.

This is the bonus you get when opening a new account. Here are some popular Forex Brokers and their Deposit Bonus Policy:


No-Deposit Forex Bonus

A No-Deposit Forex Bonus is the best way to test your skills in the Foreign Exchange Market. This is because you don't have to make a deposit and you trade risk-free.

» Roboforex $30 Bonus

» IronFx $35 No-Deposit Forex Bonus

» FXOpen $10 No-Deposit Forex Bonus


Forex Trading Rebates

A Forex Bonus is a nice way to start trading Forex, for more advanced traders there are other incentives called Trading Rebates, here are some Forex Trading Rebates at Currencies Fx:

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What is a Forex Bonus

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