Forex Mentor Pro Review

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What is Forex Mentor Pro?

Forex Mentor Pro is a complete system helping traders to understand and to trade Forex. The primary goal is to support members in building their own trading systems based on provided tools and techniques. Traders are provided also with Daily Video Analysis and full support from professionals (private forums etc). There is a 7-day trial of the Forex Mentor’s Services that costs 1 USD.

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What is included inside the Forex Mentor Pro System

1) Trading Systems

1.1 STT Forex Trading System

STT means Simple Trend Trading and it is a trading system that is driven by the real Price Action. The system aims to maximize each member profitable trades and to help in the direction of avoiding loosing trades. Daily Video Analysis is included here.

1.2 M1 Forex Trading System

The M1 Forex System offered by Forex Mentor Pro is an intra-day trading system focusing mainly on the London Market Open.

1.3 M2 Forex Trading System

The M2 Forex system is oriented on a longer-term approach and aims to help traders to take advantage of 'Trading Traps'. That may include pullbacks and breakouts in the master trend.

2) Trading Education & Support

Continuous support is provided by Forex Mentor to all its members. The goal here is to make the educational process faster and easier. The educational system of Forex Mentor, includes:

(i) Live Webinars and Training Videos

(ii) Downloading Material (indicators etc)

(ii) Answering Trading Questions

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3) Private Members Forum

The private forum is controlled by a professional trader. There is live support and advice during the London and New York Early Hour Sessions. As Forex Mentor’s team claims, all kind of questions are answered.

4) Daily Video Analysis & Video Library

A new market video analysis is available in a daily basis. Interesting charts are presented on these videos plus other important information. It is explained how a trade must be placed in the market. Looking backwards, Forex Mentor’s members gain access to all daily analysis videos of the past 3-years.


The Forex Mentor’s 7-Day-Trial

The Forex Mentor Pro 7-Day-Trial cost just $1 and Includes:

1) Trading Systems
Full access to the Forex Mentor Trading Systems, Trading Techniques and Tools.

2) Daily Video Analysis
Videos with trading charts and analysis regarding to what is important when trading Forex.

3) Video Tutorials
Video tutorials covering from the basics to advanced trading techniques.

4) Private Trading Forum
The private members forum offers answers and advices from professional traders.

5) Further Trading Education
Trading tools and tips but also books and other educational material.

6) Help and Support
Continuous Help and Support from the Forex Mentor Pro team.

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Forex Mentor Pro Review