MBFX Forex Signals Review

MBFX System Review

Forex System Review: MBFX System Review

Markets: Forex Currencies, Futures, Commodities

Type: Forex Trading Signals (Manual and MT4)

□ Delivery: Visual, Audio, SMS Text, eMail Alerts

□ Cost: 97 USD (one-time)


Basic Info -What is the MBFX System?

MBFX is a Forex Trading System developed by Mr. Belkhayate, originally in 2011. MBFX includes all Forex Currency pairs, plus commodities and futures. The system costs 97 USD.

MBFX System Components

MBFX system package contains the following components:

(1) MBFX Trading Template | (2) MBFX Indicator (RSI & Parabolic SAR) | (3) MBFX Timing Indicator | (4) Brief instructions how to use MBFX

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MBFX System Interface

Which Types of Traders may use MBFX System?

According to the MBFX developer, the system may be used by almost all types of traders:

1) Intraday Traders and Forex Scalpers (2-3 signals daily)

2) Swing and Long Forex traders (Adjust Profit / Loss Ratio)

3) Forex Beginners (User-friendly trading interface)

MBFX Signals Delivery

The MBFX System provides signals delivery via many different methods:

(i) Visual and Audio Alerts | (ii) eMail Alerts | (iii) SMS Text Alerts


Identify Profitable Forex Trades using MBFX System

The MBFX system via a user-friendly interface may help traders identify profitable trades, here is how it is done:

1) Provides a set of visualized tools (colored indicators) to analyze Forex Market Action in all time frames.

2) Displays Market Action as a whole and saves the time to analyze individual charts one by one.

3) MBFX Indicator is able to identify trades in different price levels on the same chart. Traders must follow the instructions to enter and to exit by adjusting their take profit and stop-loss orders.

4) The system is its version 3.0 offers pre-adjusted Set up and Entry Indicators

5) The MBFX system provides (on average) 1-2 trading opportunities, in a daily basis.

Set-Up your Forex Trading Account and MBFX System

After you purchase MBFX you can download the software and install it on your PC by following brief instructions. Afterwards, you must set up your Fx broker account.

MBFX Review Conclusions

MBFX is an interesting Forex Trading System suitable for Beginners and semi advanced Forex traders.


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MBFX System Review –Scam or not?